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Development of daily living and life skills focuses on training and development activities undertaken by the participant or their carer to increase their ability to live as autonomously as possible, including supports that will enhance the ability of the participant to travel, use public transport independently, practice and maintain personal hygiene regularly and many more. Life Skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable humans to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life.

Aurora Community Care will engage with you on Daily Living and Life Skills. We understand your goals and work with you and your family or carers to put in place supports to develop everyday skills with a particular focus on building confidence and independence. If you have a unique skill that you want to learn, Aurora Community Care will work with you to reach your goal. We also improve your skills for communication and independent living. We provide services to assist you and your families or carers to navigate all the problems faced in your daily life, as well as to implement strategies that will increase your potential to manage these problems.

We provide training either individually or through group activities and can include skills in daily life activities, communication and social skills, problem-solving and managing the funding of supports. To assist participants to manage their daily life challenges, we offer a wide range of training and development activities, focused on building their capacity to manage everyday life, through the development of their knowledge, skills and networks of support. We can provide training and development of life skills, including Personal hygiene, toileting, personal care, preparing a healthy meal, maintaining cleanliness in-home, laundering of clothes, communicating with service providers and support networks, transport and travel, accessing public transport and many more according to your needs.

Development of Daily Living & Life Skills

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