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Is finding a job one of the main goals in your NDIS plan, or something you would like to find out more about?


Finding and Keeping a Job is a plan specific funding item given to eligible NDIS participants who are interested in entering the workforce. It is similar to Disability Employment Services, participants with Finding and Keeping a Job in their plan can receive help from trained employment consultants and support workers to strengthen and learn the skills required to find and keep a job.

Aurora Community Care can help you find work. We provide supported employment for people with disability who require ongoing support to find and maintain employment. We will talk to you about the goals you want to achieve across many aspects of your life including employment and self-employment. There are many benefits to having a job and we help our participants who want to work, get the job, and keep it. Having a job expands social networks, increases financial independence and self-worth. We allocate a support worker to work one on one with the participant to help achieve this. We provide access to computers in our day centres to help with writing a resume, doing research, and job searches. And also we provide emotional and practical support to help you find employment that is tailored to suit your needs, strengths and values. To be eligible for finding and keeping a job, you must first be eligible for an NDIS plan. When you are applying for an NDIS plan, you should mention a desire to find and keep a job. 

Aurora’s supports are tailored to your needs, goals and circumstances. We help to develop your skills and tackle the open job market or need a bit of on the job support. Our experienced and friendly team support to help you find the employment opportunity that’s right for you.

Finding and Keeping a Job

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