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Aurora Community Care’s fundamental goal is to provide support services that meet the needs of its
valued participants. A core way for Aurora to do so is to provide active and inactive overnight care.
Overnight care is a valuable nursing service that is provided to all requiring participants that need
support throughout the night. Equally importantly, it provides much needed rest and comfort to the
participants primary care givers and family members.

Active support

Active support encompasses an overnight shift where the support worker does not engage in any
form of sleep. During this shift, the support worker is available at all times throughout the night to
provide support and complete specific scheduled tasks. Such tasks may include:
– Administering medication
– Managing participant comfortability (incl. turning and repositioning)
– Assisting participants who are on ventilators and require suctioning
– Assistance with personal care (incl. continence management and toileting)

Non-active Support

Non-active support is an overnight shift where the support worker is permitted to sleep, however,
they must be available to provide support when it is required or requested. Support workers
carrying non-active overnight shifts may complete tasks such as occasional toileting or repositioning.

Overnight Care – Active / Non Active

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